8th grade boys test their "wild wings"
7th Graders explore Mobius strips
8th grade boys prepare to test their "Wild Wings"

What do you know about 35%?

Thirty five percent can mean a lot. You can change thirty five percent into a decimal, fraction, and more. Thirty five percent out of one hundred in the form of a fraction is thirty five over one hundred. If you put this in lowest terms it is seven over twenty. If you add thrity five percent to sixty five percent it will make one hundred percent.

These are things 35% could be: 35% off the price of something; 35% of a graph; batting 35% is good. Having 35% of your cartiledge removed from your knee will lead to arthritus. Having 35% body fat means you're obese. Only 35% of the world is land. Most people should sleep 35% each day. You should keep at least 35% of your money as cash and gold bonds.